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100 Things About The Bog Raver
August 4, 2008, 12:03 am
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This took some time to do, but it’s honest! I have pictures to prove some of it. It seems to be a fairly good way to give sense of me to an imaginary reader but I surprised myself with some of the things – good therapy perhaps? 100 things I’m going to do in the next twelve months coming up soon!

1.     I abseiled down the side of the Belfast Hilton for charity

2.     I always start talking about my childhood when I’m tipsy

3.     I buy books and never get to read some of them

4.     I collect old post-cards of Ballyholme Bay near where I live

5.     I detest racism

6.     I detest the cult of celebrity

7.     I don’t believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

8.     I don’t have a master-plan

9.     I don’t know if I love my iPhone 3G yet

10.  I drink at least two litres of water a day

11.  I enjoy people-watching, especially overseas

12.  I enjoy podcasts

13.  I find all UK and Irish politics irrelevant and tedious in the extreme

14.  I got fed up with Facebook

15.  I had my tonsils removed when I was 10 and wanted to stay in hospital

16.  I hate being ripped off

17.  I have a tattoo on my ankle of a four-leaf clover

18.  I have a very strong sense of smell

19.  I have an Ebay shop selling old sheet music and post cards

20.  I have an in-built compass that works almost everywhere

21.  I have an old Landrover vegetating in my driveway

22.  I have been on two submarines, a destroyer and an aircraft carrier

23.  I have been to the US, Canada, France, Spain, Holland, Gibraltar and Switzerland

24.  I have great trust in doctors, dentists and surgeons – don’t know why

25.  I have Irish, English and Northern Irish antecedents

26.  I have lived in Bangor for 22 years

27.  I have never smoked

28.  I have one brother and two sisters

29.  I have over 1500 songs on my iPod

30.  I have over fifty books upstairs that I have yet to read

31.  I have political principles like buying no Israeli goods even though it makes no difference

32.  I have researched my family tree back as far as 1757

33.  I have size 10 feet (UK)

34.  I have three children

35.  I have three suits in my wardrobe that are too small for me

36.  I like Rum’n’Raisin ice cream

37.  I live in hope

38.  I love chips – but we threw our deep fat fryer out for health reasons

39.  I love cinema

40.  I love live stand-up comedy shows

41.  I love my car

42.  I love my iMac

43.  I love short stories

44.  I love to play chess face to face

45.  I lust after Kristin Scott-Thomas something awful

46.  I need eight hours sleep a night

47.  I never take pepper on my food

48.  I once wrote off my dad’s company car at 19 and was banned from driving for a year

49.  I read The Independent

50.  I swim like a panicky animal

51.  I think George W. Bush is much worse that Nixon

52.  I think Google is pretty cool

53.  I think our dog, Dougal, is an expensive nuisance

54.  I tried golf once or twice – almost fell asleep

55.  I tried space-cake in Amsterdam – scared the shit out of me

56.  I Twitter

57.  I used to go metal-detecting

58.  I used to play Hurling

59.  I want to be a photo-journalist now

60.  I wanted to be a photo-journalist when I was 12

61.  I was an altar boy once, for a funeral

62.  I was present at the birth of all three of my children and didn’t feel any pain

63.  I was President of the Student’s Union at the College of Business Studies in Belfast

64.  I waste FAR too much time browsing uselessly

65.  I will drive across the US some day as a holiday

66.  I WILL have a summerhouse (bolt-hole) next year

67.  I would like to write a book

68.  I would love to be able to play the piano

69.  I would love to start my own business

70.  I would wear the same t-shirt and jeans every day if permitted

71.  I’d like to be a better time manager

72.  I’d like to give dinner parties when we get the house sorted

73.  I’d love a 9-5 desk job for my twilight years

74.  I’m 5’7” and built for comfort, not speed

75.  I’m a big fan of The Sopranos, The Wire and Mad Men

76.  I’m a poor amateur photographer

77.  I’m a Springsteen fan – but mostly his first three albums

78.  I’m addicted to Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps

79.  I’m an Aquarius but I don’t believe in that nonsense

80.  I’m an atheist

81.  I’m going to start power-walking again soon

82.  I’m indecisive, I think

83.  I’m not very original!

84.  I’m pretty cynical

85.  I’m usually root for the underdog in any situation

86.  I’ve been arrested

87.  I’ve been married since 1986

88.  I’ve been snipped since 2001 when our little surprise arrived

89.  I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft at 3500 feet

90.  I’ve travelled a fair bit but always want to come home

91.  I’ve worked in the same company for almost 29 years

92.  My favourite films are The English Patient, American Beauty, and From Here to Eternity

93.  My favourite restaurant is Angels on 2nd Ave at 62nd St in NYC

94.  My first foreign holiday was to Ibiza in 1984

95.  My musical expertise extends as far as putting a CD in my car stereo

96.  Procrastination is my middle name – no it’s John really

97.  Rats freak me out!

98.  The first film I saw in a cinema was Jaws in 1974

99.  When at school, I ran in the cross-country team

100. When I have a drink, it’s JD & Ginger Ale


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