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God’s Busy. Can I Help You?

I love this t-shirt. Bought in a souvenir shop on 5th Avenue in New York on our recent trip, I wore it for the flight home. Another passenger queuing for the security gates in Newark burst out laughing and said he loved it. One of the flight attendants, on entering the aircraft said “I don’t like your shirt”, but

 with a devilish smirk.

I don’t believe it is an offensive shirt and I would never deliberately offend anyone, but there is a definite reaction which can range from smiles and smirks to frowns and tuts. I’m looking forward to my “good-living” sister-in-law seeing it – should be good for a laugh!

Definitely worth the $10!


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Oh, I LOVE the shirt! I’m a big fan of all kinds of t-shirts … the bigger the reaction, the more priceless the shirt!

Comment by Fitch

Ohhhhhh…… It’s superb t-shirt. I do not like it, I LOVE it. The words are soooo osm. I have tried a lot to collect this t-shirt but unfortunately I am living in an Islamic Country and that is why nowhere I got it. At last, I went a store to make a t-shirt with this picture. But the shopkeeper said that, “no, I can not screen print this image on a t-shirt. Because if I do it, Allah will not forgive me”. Then I got sooo disappointed. But still now really want this t-shirt. Can anybody help me please……. or say me how can I make it sitting at home. Please………

Comment by Mamun

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