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Big Brother Misses A Trick!
August 19, 2008, 12:38 pm
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The main Bangor to Belfast (or Belfast to Bangor road, if you live in Belfast!) road has recently had an ugly addition to its street furniture.

Bright yellow masts fitted with the latest camera equipment now measure the average speed of drivers travelling in either direction. If you’re clocked at an average speed above the speed limit for that section of the road, you get a ticket…or so you would think.

Since the masts were fitted in May, only one driver has been issued with a speeding ticket. We need to assume that the system has not been calibrated correctly as the same system in Newry has netted 77 drivers in the same period. That’s £4620 in fines and 231 penalty points compared to £60 and 3 points in Bangor.

It could be that the Belfast-Bangor commuters are safer drivers – I don’t think so. I imagine that the boy-racers are stilling bombing along in their Vauxhall Novas and Citroen Saxos as usual, so what has gone wrong?

Somewhere, in the maze of bureaucracy that we know to be the NI Civil Service, The Department of the Environment or the Roads Service NI, heads will roll!

Gordon Brown will not have had his slice of motorist and someone will need to pay the price!

On a separate point; why were the masts not disguised as trees like the telephone masts that we have seen in recent years? As you can see from my picture, they’re ugly brutes, and this is repeated along the road as far as Holywood.

Not good enough!

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I think you’ll find that the 77 drivers that were caught in Newry was over a period of 2 years – not the same period of time as the Belfast-Bangor one.

Comment by Chris

I am not absolutely sure, but isn’t there a legal requirement for speed cameras to be made clearly visible (hence the bright paintwork)? I think the same applies to police patrols when they set up speed traps – ie., no hiding under bridges or popping out from behind a hedge!

Comment by David

Doesn’t stop the buggers hiding behind bus stops etc, in my experience (9 points simultaneously at one time a few years ago)

Comment by Colin

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