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Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys – Don’t Think So!

During the build-up to the US invasion of Iraq (for the second time), huge pressure was put on the leaders of Western countries to contribute troops and logistical aid to the invasion to present a united front to the world’s media.

President Chirac of France resisted, and fought in a number of arenas, not least in the world’s press, to deter the invasion and was right to do so as it later turned out, as the invasion was based on a pretext of lies and misinformation.

He and his country experienced abuse, particularly in the US, where many people stopped buying French goods, renamed French Fries as Liberty Fries and stopped drinking French wine.

Yesterday, 10 French soldiers paid the ultimate price in an attack by Taliban fighters just 30 miles from Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. A different, but just as futile a war, as that in Iraq. It was the worst combat-related loss of life for the French military since a suicide bombing in Lebanon in 1983.

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys? I think not…

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