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Obama-Biden Ticket – Very Disappointing…
August 23, 2008, 6:52 pm
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I have to say I’m really surprised and disappointed that Obama has chosen Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate for November’s election.

I had hoped that he would have chosen Hillary Clinton which would have been a dream ticket and sure to cover almost all concerns within the Democratic party.

You may wonder why an Irishman, resident in the UK, might have an interest in the outcome of the US elections, but as an unofficial 51st state and static aircraft carrier for the US Navy, the UK is now (and has been for some years) downwind of any of the stinks that arise from the economic and foreign policies of the US government.

Ironically, it is a direct reverse of the Boston Tea Party situation, where the colonials rebelled against taxation without representation – now, the old country hasn’t even a vote in determining its own future.

Please take care of us as we’re puny and ineffectual!

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