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WAL*MART High Cost Of Low Price

I’ve just spent 95 minutes watching Wal*Mart – The High Cost of Low Price which was mostly depressing but in the end, with the success some US communities are having in rejecting Walmart, inspirational. 

I am not new to learning about the excesses of capitalism. I have read Naomi Klein’s No Logo and attended a talk by her at Queen’s University, Belfast, about her latest book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, along with Nickeled and Dimed, Fast Food Nation, etc, but to see the conditions both of Walmart’s US and overseas employees and the hypocrisy of their management was shocking in the extreme.

The filmmaker chose his interviewees carefully to demonstrate the range of Americans who are being affected by this destructive juggernaut – pictures of George W Bush in their homes, plenty of homes with stars and stripes and good ol’ boys, along with much less well off Americans right across the demographic spectrum.

This is very definitely capitalism gone wrong, very wrong.


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I hate Wal Mart. What I hate most is it’s hard for young families like mine to go elsewhere for certain items when it’s so much cheaper there. I avoid it as much as I can though. Evil Wal Mart.

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