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Hidden Belfast – Hansel and Gretel’s Office Building!
August 25, 2008, 7:45 pm
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This is one of my favourite buildings in the city centre. I would love to have a house with as many corners, round rooms, balconies and shapes. This building   on the corner of Donegall Square South and Bedford Street has been hit by many years worth of flying debris from car bombings and has survived. It looks better suited to some Austrian or Czech city than Belfast with its ornate turreted towers and gables, but I’m so glad it’s there.

I can just imagine the wrangling among managers in the various companies that have occupied its offices to get a prized corner window. Imagine the festivities viewed from those balconies over the years, such as VE Day in 1945!

It’s a beauty! To any readers in or from Belfast; take a moment or two to look above head height and soak up your heritage in the form of architecture and history. Ok, so it’s not always been everyone’s heritage, but look forward, not back!


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Didn’t this used to be a fast food or is this next to the bus stop?

Comment by teachthemasses

Can’t remember…you’re not confusing it with Lord Hamill’s, are you?

Comment by Bog Raver

My Dads firm had an office up there which I visited when I was a nipper. I remember vaguely a lot of dark mahogany and lots of windows.If I can find an excuse to call in to the building again I’d find it interesting to see if they’ve improved the interior.

Comment by d@\/e

I wouldn’t mind a squint round in there myself!

Comment by Bog Raver

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