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Puppet Karzai Pardons Convicted Rapists – WTF?

Recent reports from Kabul relate that Hamid Karzai has pardoned three convicted men who publicly raped a woman who accused them of being complicit in the abduction and disappearance of her son, Islamuddin.  She was raped 200m from her home, in front of NINE witnesses who testified against the warlord, Mawlawi Islam, and two of his men, in 2005.

Islam was running for office at the time despite being accused of scores of murders committed during his time as a mujhadedin commander in the 1980s, a Taliban governor in the 1990s and after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. (Note: changes of allegiance – 1980s pro-CIA v. USSR, 1990s pro-Taliban, 2000s pro-US)

This case, and a number of others, highlights concerns about the close relationship between the Afghan president and men accused of war crimes and human rights abuses.

As the US and a number of other western democracies are shoring up this ridiculous regime in Kabul, perhaps it is time to remove Karzai or at least stand on his neck until he supports his judiciary in their efforts to bring this cat litter tray of a country up to 21st century standards of fair play and justice.

Human Rights Watch has some eye-opening insights into the murderous thugs who’ve now morphed into Afghanistan’s government:

Copy and paste this link:    http://hrw.org/english/docs/2006/12/11/afghan14826.htm


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