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Ugly Betty – Beautiful Marketing
August 26, 2008, 11:05 am
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I love clever marketing ideas. This one caught my eye somewhere. I’m not a marketeer; I just like having an internal chuckle when someone who clearly is a creative genius entertains me.

The cleverest advertising campaign, in my opinion, was for Volkswagen in the 1990s. The subtlety of the message and the visual punch-lines were amazing.

One favourite was where the Golf (Rabbit in the US) driver is driving towards an airport terminal to pick up his wife and daughter after a trip. He slows down at the arrivals gate and sees that his daughter is holding an ice-cream cone and nonchalantly drives on leaving his wife and daughter nonplussed and staring off into the distance.

The best, though, featured a vacant poster holder on a  city street. A workman arrives in a van and fits padding to the lamppost directly in front of the poster frame. Only then does he place the poster in the frame, which shows the “amazing price” of a Volkswagen Polo. Just as the advert fades you see Joe Public walking by and staring at the poster, and just before he walks into the lamppost, the advert closes.


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I’m with you; I love clever marketing! The pic you posted of the Ugly Betty advertisment is hilarious.
One of my all-time favorite marketing strategies was a Southwest Airlines campaign done a couple years ago at the beginning of football season. Do you remember those?
My absolute favorite was the one where the woman was out shoe-shopping … she notices the sales clerk on bended knee, carefully holding the shoe for another customer before him to see … and so she runs over to the shoe and kicks it through the “goal posts” … then holds her arms up triumphantly for all to see! You then hear the voice saying … “Must be football season.” That was great GREAT stuff! I haven’t seen one of those commercials in a while now. They should bring those back! I loved loved LOVED THOSE!

Comment by Fitch

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