Ravings From The Bog

I’m a Hit Tart – Shame on me!

I started blogging as a release for the many thousands of thoughts in my head on a day to day basis. It is definitely therapeutic as my mind’s wanderlust now has a focus. I NEED to post about three times a day – why?

Because I have fallen for the allure of the stats graph. 

I’ve thought for some time that my memories of living through the conflict in West Belfast in the 1970s and 1980s might be of interest to some people. I believe that I wanted to capture a little of the positive history and architecture of Belfast (or what’s left of it!) and share it with you. I also believe that my take on some current affairs issues can be a bit smart-arse-ish but entertaining, but I’ve realised that by finding funny pictures and giving the posts snappy titles, I can double my hit rate in just two or three days (see graphic).

If my intention was to make money from advertising on my blog, that might be the correct strategy to follow. Actually, I just need to rant a little now and then, as a catharsis for the stress level I endure while at work (or reading the news, or dealing with the kids, or paying the bills, or…).

What to do? I can compromise my principles (?) and believe that by using the attractive and punchy post titles, I can live in hope that some of the readers will stay and read some of my archive. There…that’s my conscience salved for the moment. That was too easy – we’ll see how it goes.


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