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I’m Wired – Best TV Ever!

I know what I like. Whether it is books, film, television or whatever, I can reel off what I think are the best in each area, in my view.

I’m confident that I’m right because I have “converted” family, friends and colleagues to reading or watching what I recommend and their feedback is more often than not, very positive.

That’s why, when I say that The Wire, the stunning and consistently excellent portrait of life and death in inner city Baltimore, is THE BEST THING EVER to hit the small screen, I can say it with some confidence. It has some great shows to beat – Hill St. Blues, NYPD Blue, The Sopranos, and a number of others, and it does it well and often.

This will be old news to any readers in the US. Season Five has started showing on the FX channel here in the UK, but I have forced myself to wait (screams!) until my pre-ordered copy of the DVD box set is delivered next month. From all media reports, it is well worth waiting for, and is a triumphant end to the visual novel that it definitely is.

I have all four box sets so far and regularly re-watch them, each time catching many nuances of the storylines that I missed the first, second or third time round.

It is rare indeed, to discover something so engaging, complete, and fulfilling. I am amazed at the quality of the writing, acting and direction in this show, to the point where I am immersed so far into it, that emotional attachments are so easily made. Without exception, every actor seems born for his or her role.

The most detestable aspects of human life are generously portrayed in this piece of magic and yet the viewer is super-glued to the screen, avidly following the car crash that is a Third World life existing in a First World country.

Make no mistake; this is a complex piece of work. This is not “dip in and out” TV. I believe that only by watching every episode in sequence, you will fully capture the flavour and excitement of this masterpiece.

It’s worth taking a week off work for (and I might just do that!) when the eagerly awaited thud of the box set hits the floor in September…

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