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Jesus Hangs On By Fingertips!
August 29, 2008, 11:08 pm
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Another in my series of clever marketing adverts. This one is just outrageous enough to court some controversy while making most of us smile at the cleverness of the concept. Not quite as good as the VW ads, but not a bad attempt from Peugeot’s advertising company.

It would definitely be a hit with the target market of boy-racers!


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It comes really close to what is happening in our culture… barely hanging on to a relationship with Christ.


Comment by markharrell

I feel the picture shows a lack of respect for Jesus, the son of God. It is very offensive to me.

Comment by tommy49646

Haven’t you seen the Budweiser Jesus one- it’s incredible!!!! ”King of jews and King of Beers”- O-M-G !

Comment by teachthemasses

You have to see the Jesus King of Jews King of Beers from Budweiser.

Comment by teachthemasses

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