Ravings From The Bog

Mental Sunday With Space Chimps Of More Than One Type

Normally, I take Sophie to the cinema on Sunday mornings, then to McDonalds for lunch. It’s a fairly sedate time, and if I plan things right, I can get to the beach to read the Sunday paper on my own for an hour beforehand. Not today!

We had the Jacksons, Evie (4) and Louis (7), staying overnight. They’re my sister Claire’s kids and Sophie loves to spend time with them any chance she gets, as her own siblings at 16 and 20 are too old for that sort of “fun”. The downside is that the decibel level increases disproportionately with the number of children in any group. My head is pickled! 

We’re just back from watching Space Chimps at Bangor Cineplex. It was much better than I expected it would be and they all enjoyed it. Recommendations from four and seven year olds are worth their weight in gold – someone should act on that business idea! Last week, Sophie and I went to see Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy playing himself as an alien space-ship as well as playing himself as a miniature alien inside his own head – if you can figure that out… Anyhoo, my point is that the Eddie Murphy movie took a real kicking from the critics. Yet all of the kids in the cinema, including Sophie, appeared to love the concept and the execution. A really good children’s movie! I think the critics believe it was aimed at an older audience and perhaps it was, but Murphy et al, could avoid the scorn they receive if they openly targeted the children’s market.

Meet Dave as an idea, was very close to the Beano comic story, The Numskulls, in the 1970s. I read it myself at the time and loved it. There may be a few other great movie ideas in those comics that we all devoured back then – Billy Whizz, Pete’s Pockets, etc. I must check my attic!


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