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Halloween – What Are The Churches Afraid Of?

I have a seven year old daughter, who is frightened out of her wits by almost anything at the best of times. For example, when she went to see Happy Feet, she almost crawled over up and over me into the row of seats behind us in the cinema when the little penguin was being chased across the ice by the seal (the sequence WAS very loud, to be fair).

At Halloween however, she loves to dress up as a (good!) witch and isn’t afraid of her friends’ costumes, but while both our local churches are having parties at Halloween for children, they’re not permitted to dress up in Halloween-themed outfits. The local Presbyterian outfit demand only biblical characters and the Elim crowd allow only Disney or Superheroes to be featured. 

Given that Paganism has died out, more or less, in these parts, I’m unsure what it is that the churches have to fear by allowing this now-innocent event to become a bit of fun for the kids. 

Perhaps the church-folk would be better served spending time ensuring that their financial investment managers are investing ethically rather than buying shares in companies and institutions that promote  arms-dealing etc, than ruining what innocent fun the kids have left?

What do you think?

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