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How did this moron ever get elected and by whom?


I posted yesterday on the changes afoot with the election of Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States. In that post, I highlighted the need for the political re-education of parts of the American people. I’ve just spent ten minutes on CNN’s political news webpages and it is clear that the need is greater than I thought.

I’d missed the Republican congressman, Paul Broun, comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler first time round, but today I caught his “apology”. What really stunned me were some of the comments left by visitors which underlined my point.

This from some halfwit called Judilee:

Many more people than just Mr. Broun have expressed that sentiment. 
I see Obama as a dictator who has a thirst for world power that cannot be quenched. (Wasn’t he just elected in the home of the brave and the land of the free???)

His socialism in America is just the beginning, but it will be the end for many. (Socialism? How can he be Hitler-like and a socialist? I’d like to meet HER history professor!)

This man is consumed by his own ego and his own history-making election. But just making history is not enough. He’ll be known eventually for other less benign achievements. (Let’s hope so!)

Thankfully, as I mentioned yesterday, there are some sensible decent Yanks around too. These followed:


Wow, and people wonder why the country was so screwed up for the last 8 years. Because you had slack-jawed morons like these manning the wheel. Can we do away with the Hitler comparisons in general? Even Bush (who had secret prisons, spied on his population, invaded a country out of a sense of megalomaniacal ambition and paranoia, and elicited info through torture in the absence of due process) can’t be compared to Hitler. He’s the worst President in history, but he didn’t methodically imprison and murder millions of people.

I think they should give this guy a weekly radio address so we can be regularly reminded about why brain-damaged people like this should not be elected into office.

Elliot Chase:

Broun is exhibit ‘A’ as to why we have to close half the military bases in the South. Shut down the paramilitary programs at the Citadel, VMI and Texas A & M. Put strict requirements on “home schools” requiring instruction on the American democracy, the Constitution, math & science, history, etc.

I don’t want to wait another generation while the idiots in the South act as a giant drag on the progress of the nation. They vote in an ignorant block. They are herded by the hate mongers. Instead of appealing to the intelligence of their electorate they appeal to their ignorance.

The Facists and Communists never posed a greater threat to our Nation than do these idiots.

Well said, guys!




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Yes to me it said it all when he used ‘Hitler’ and ‘Marxist’ in the same analogy…………says it all really. Mind you I have heard that most Americans don’t even hold passports……

Comment by teachthemasses

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