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Finally, Proof That Bush IS Insane…

Slaughter!Finally, proof that George W Bush is insane. He claimed today the slaughter of 400+ Palestinians is the fault of Hamas. Of course we know that he is expected to spout such nonsense in the media because of the strength of the Zionist-driven Jewish lobby in the US which has power over every US politician to some degree or another. Any decent man, given that he has only days left in “power”, would have grown a backbone and condemned the Zionist slaughter for what it is – a planned election-related program of genocide timed meticulously and with an accompanying chorus of propaganda across the media.

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How many Israelis have been killed from rocket fire from Hamas?
400+ ain’t enough!!!! And genocide? How many jews have been killed in the name of religion in the last 2000 years? By all means they should no longer exist, but they do. And why? Ask God that question. And you know what? They’ll be here long after your gone!!!!

Comment by Stephen Duplantis

It’s obvious that you’ve been sucked into the misinformation machine that Israel and it’s Zionist friends use to manipulate the media around the world. It is a documented fact that 16 (not, 160, or 1600, or 16000) Israelis have been killed SINCE 2005 by rockets fired by Hamas. This operation is genocidal in nature. One dead Israeli is too many in my opinion, but 400+ dead Palestinians (SINCE LAST SATURDAY!) is also too many especially when it is motivated by oil, land and water rights theft and greed. Thanks for your comment.

Comment by Bog Raver

Why didn’t Hamas hold to the cease fire?

Comment by Stephen Duplantis

Could it be the continued daily persecution of Palestinians by the IDF in restricting their movements, access to medical supplies and services, food, their jobs, or perhaps the ramming of ships manned by international volunteers trying to supply humanitarian material by sea? Maybe it has something to do with the incursion into Gaza despite the “ceasefire” a month ago when the IDF killed six Hamas members in an operation to close down a tunnel. Take your pick…

Comment by Bog Raver

So Stephen Duplantis, let me come into your country and kill as many of you as I can and burn your homes and drive the survivors off the land and call it mine. And when you try to get back what is rightfully yours I will call you a terrorist fundamentalist and tell the world you are attacking me for no good reason. You won’t be able to do a damned thing about it either, because my pals are richer and more powerful than your pals.

Oh, and when you argue that I’ve treated you unfairly I will produce a book written by my ancestors thousands of years ago that says I’m one of God’s Chosen People, so I can kill whoever I like and steal whatever I like, because the rules are different for me, and God has told me to go out among the nations and utterly destroy them.

I guess that’ll make you love and respect me, won’t it. How long before you start bombing my arrogant ass to smithereens?

Comment by seamus

Couldn’t have put it better myself…

Comment by Bog Raver

Your comments were edited for sense, clarity and abuse – welcome to control of the media! You should be very familiar with that as no doubt, you’re hanging on every word from Fox News AND believing it…

Comment by Bog Raver

Only 400 dead, you have to be crazy to believe that. What do the Israelis do, count them? And to Stephen, Israelis started with absolute torture and death to all women, men and children when they invaded town after town in their trck to the “promised land” in Canan. They are all butchers!

Comment by justme

3% govern the decisions of 300 million. You figure it out.

Comment by justme

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