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Hamas Recruiting Sergeant – Injustice Breeds Injustice



Israeli’s butchery of innocents, including 30 to 40 civilians today in a school, is the best way of lining up new Hamas members to take the place of those killed in Gaza this week and last week.

Given that Israel has stripped Gazans of all dignity and self-esteem by months and months of harrying raids, restrictions on movement and cutting to a trickle humanitarian aid, the ongoing slaughter will drive those young men and woman who are losing family members as I type, into the Hamas organisation which will allow them a chance to do something about the F16s, White Phosphorus bombs and armed drones.

On a much smaller scale, in Northern Ireland back in 1971, British troops were ordered to arrest and intern young men across the Republican community who had not committed any crimes, because of who they were rather than what they did. Many years later, it was acknowledged by senior politicians and military officers that this injustice became a major recruitment bonus for the IRA. History repeats itself…


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Heard an Israeli spokesman on local (South African) radio this afternoon saying the two UN buildings were bombed “because Hamas probably used them for storing weapons and they use the women and children as human shields”. I kid you not, that’s what he said.

So now a “probably” in some lunatic’s demented mind is sufficient reason to bomb civilian targets. I thought Israel had such a superior intelligence network, but all they can come up with is “probably”.

Either Israel knows where the weapons are or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, bombing civilian targets is a war crime.

Just like GWB attacking Afghanistan because Bin Laden was probably hiding out there, and attacking Iraq because there were probably weapons of mass destruction.

Comment by seamus

George Bush & Tony Blair made a great song and dance about fighting ‘terrorism’.

What constitutes terrorism?

Blowing up the Twin Towers and killing the innocent people in those buildings apparently counts as terrorism.

Planting bombs in the London Underground and killing innocent people there apparently counts as terrorism.

But deliberately targeting and blowing up UN schools killing innocent women and children sheltering there apparently counts as – nothing at all !!!

The savage ‘state terrorism’ of Israel seen over the last few days would have been loudly condemned by the USA if carried out by any nation other than Israel.

The cynical truth is that Israel is acting as a proxy for the USA which is quite happy to see innocents suffer as long as Hamas can be taught a lesson. There is an awful feeling of deja vu here. We are seeing exactly the same pattern of behaviour from the americans now as was seen in 2006 when it was the citizens of southern Lebanon to suffer the fate now being endured by the residents of gaza – give the Israelis as much time as possible to achieve their objectives before reigning them in !!!

Comment by duncanr

P.S. Ignore Noseycow – there’s bugger all wrong wi’ me cooking !!!

(have put a link to your blog on our site)


Comment by duncanr

I believe you!
Will reciprocate shortly, thanks.

Comment by Bog Raver

couldnt u tell that this soldier is from IDF ? look at the uniform and the hebrew letters on his helmet

Comment by mark

Yes, of course. I knew he was an Israeli soldier. My point was that due to the actions of him and his colleagues, they’re were *acting* as erstwhile recruiters for Hamas by their genocidal actions. This has happened in many conflicts. For example, in Ireland in the 1970’s many young Irish men were “interned” without trial, which led to increased numbers joining the IRA due to the injustice of the situation. Hope this helps and thanks for your comment.

Comment by Bog Raver

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