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What I’m Reading…And Listening To
January 19, 2009, 4:59 pm
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Best Christmas gift this year was this book by David Simon, creator of HBO series, The Wire. Riveting from page one! Getting through around twenty pages a night before the shutters fall. Should last for a few weeks yet!


Just finished this one, and it’s a great read too. Fick is a natural writer and conveys the action and sense of dread really well. Soldier’s-eye view of action in Afghanistan and Iraq – a welcome break from the politics of both wars. Free to any local reader in NI – just email and ask! 

war-of-the-worldAnother Christmas gift (via iTunes Gift Card), was Niall Ferguson’s Audiobook, War Of The World. I consider myself to be a bit of a history buff, especially about WWII, but there were numerous “new” bits of information to me. Over six hours of listening and fascinating from start to finish. Great for the drive to work.


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Have you ever read any Colin Bateman books?

Comment by teachthemasses

No, not my “cup of tea”, I’m afraid. I’ve met him and his wife, though – lovely peeps!
I have about fifty books bought and awaiting my attention planked around my bedroom/desk, so no time for trivial stuff 😉

Comment by Bog Raver

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