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Sammy Wilson Shows His True Colours

bigotry-and-racismNo surprises here then! Our Sammy has decided he wants Northern Ireland to return to the bad old days of bigotry and racism. He has actually said that employers should favour local people over foreign nationals when it comes to employment. Sammy, ever heard of the Fair Employment Commission? It’s no surprise that Poles, Lithuanians, Asians and others are still being assaulted and burnt out of their houses in the more Neanderthal parts of NI, with encouragement like this from one of our “leaders”. Embarrassing!

Our Sammy!


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That’s politicians for you, I’m afraid, Bogster!

If there’s no fuss, there’s no publicity.

So….. go create a fuss.

Your reference to Neanderthals prompts me to ask….How is life in NI these days?

I worked with a Belfast lad a couple of years ago, and he reckoned that the peace was little more than a thin veneer, and that one good march, riot, or police incident could have the whole thing kick off again.

He loves his home town, but still feels safer in the North of England.

Comment by NobblySan

It’s not a bad as he thinks. Sammy and his mates on both sides of the sectarian divide would need to try really hard to screw it up again, and they just haven’t the wit. As things are returning to “normal” (NB: we’ve never actually had “normal” here in NI, as we went from an artificial state and prejudiced majority government into what was basically civil war when I was seven), the solid citizens of NI would not countenance more nonsense (we hope and pray!) 🙂

Comment by Bog Raver

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