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Hidden Belfast: The National Bank High St Belfast
February 15, 2009, 9:09 pm
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National Bank Hight StThis beautiful building can be easily missed while hurrying up or down High St. It is opposite the “monsterous carbuncle” that is the Hi-Park parking and shopping centre. Built in 1890, this listed building is one of only a few to escape demolition during the Belfast Blitz in 1941. Apparently this was due to the fact that it’s front wall, floors, chimneys and roof were constructed using concrete.

The building is currently being renovated and is undergoing conversion to a hotel and tea rooms.

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I’m just wondering if you’re the Colin Parte who was at St Mary’s when I was. If you are then I always remember that you liked Bruce Springsteen when no one had ever heard of him, if you’re not then at least you know you have a namesake!

All the best

Patrick Davidson

Comment by Patrick Davidson

I remember you. Paddy Davidson from the Murph! How are you?

Comment by Bog Raver

Hiya Colin

I doing well mate. I.m a senior manager with the Prince’s Trust and i live in Dunmurry. I just posted to your other page there about the chess trip to BRA. I so loved those trips with Cormac hamill if I remember right. I have met a few of the lads in our class over the years but I often wondered how you were doing. It’s nice to catch up. have you ever heard from “Walter” walsh?

Comment by Patrick Davidson

I love this building and how it stands out from the others. so easy to miss.

Comment by Phil

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