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Even Wind Turbines Get A Day Off!

Wind Turbine Green EnergyI didn’t realise I could get this close to the local wind turbine (North Down Borough Council’s lip service to the Green agenda). I really expected it to be protected from potential “terrorist/freedom fighter” action.

I really love the shape of the cowling of the propeller. It has a taste of nostalgia to me as it reminds me of many of the engine cowlings on Airfix aircraft models I assembled over the years. Cracking day today too!

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Hey BR!

Good to see you sticking stuff up in here again. I often drop in just to see what you’re up to.

I know it’s a bit NIMBY-ish, but as long as they don’t build any near me, I rather like wind turbines. There’s a huge wind farm on a hill a few miles form here, and it looks incredibly peaceful and elegant as I drive home from work and see it in the sun (if only!) from ‘our’ hill.

The flip side is that my boss lives on the hill where it is, and he hates the damn things, and the damage that was done during the buiding of them.

Comment by NobblySan

Strangely enough, I find them creepy! Especially when there is more than one. We were driving near Tarifa in southern Spain a few years back and came around a bend to see maybe fifty spread out across the hills. It was like a scene from Day Of The Triffids! 🙂

Comment by Bog Raver

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