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749px-I-276.svgI’m taking the month of September off. Not off work, but off Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Flickr and the many other distractions that have kept me from proper family/personal time over the last few months. I’ll still be checking my email and perhaps be online for five minutes at a time checking bank balances and cinema times, etc, but that’s it.

It’s an experiment of sorts. I tend to be easily distracted and lose myself for hours on teh internets which has created not a little tension at home, but I also feel that my thought processes are actually being affected by the flittering about that this fine Apple iMac allows me by having so many programs running at once!

So, from tonight at midnight, I intend to use the time saved to do the jobs that have been left undone, to spend more time with my wife and kids (!) and to fix various broken things, and cut the grass rather than pay somebody to do it twice a month, and get moving on a number of things that the “internet inertia” has stopped me from doing.

Now, I could be smart and say that the graphic above represents me “hitting the road” from the internet, but I’ll be honest instead and admit that I weigh 276lbs. My intention in being that honest is to force myself to be looking for a sign for Interstate 256 to post on 1 October – in other words, get off my arse and get some exercise. I intend to take seriously the idea of eating properly (not just my Branflakes) and losing some weight and keeping it off.

I have various other similar intentions for the month of September, regarding work, finance, leisure time, etc.

Wish me luck!


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Good luck with your bold step! There might be a balance in between somewhere – if so, hope you find it and we see you back in OCC someday soon. Cheers form @pixelpage

Comment by Colin Mitchell

Thanks, it’s an eventual balance I’m aiming for.

Comment by Colin

I haven’t a clue when you’ll get to read this, but good luck anyway!

I’ve been thinking of doing something similar myself. Too much valuable time gets wasted just sitting looking at my screen.

Comment by NobblySan

Thanks! I’m still taking emails, but I’ve had to be pretty resolute and not be tempted onto Twitter etc. Finding time to do more though and not feeling half as frazzled! Talk to you soon 🙂

Comment by Colin

Is it cheating to use your mobile to check facebook and your blog? In this day and age the internet is a necescity just dont get to bogged down by it and you will be fine.

Comment by Al jones

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