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All Aboard!
October 1, 2009, 7:45 pm
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This blog ends today. Time away from the computer has allowed me time to look at things differently. After almost 55000 hits, I’ve decided to refresh things and start a new blog called This Sedentary Life.

Anyone who uses RSS to read this one can pick up the flow over there (if there is anyone! – No idea how to set up Feedburner unfortunately.)

Thanks for reading!


Failed, sort of!
October 1, 2009, 12:23 am
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Mr Blobby

Yeah, it didn’t work! Still 276lbs… At one point during September was 272, but also at one point was 280!

On a positive note though, found more time to read, definitely felt a lot less frazzled and more relaxed and had more time to spend with Sophie (8), who is my personal de-stresser. (previous post)

What else happened in September?

Got an exercise bike, a rowing machine and dusted off my mountain bike. I was off for a week and had a great time traveling down to Mayo and Galway, took oodles of photographs and had my quarterly review which went very well, thank you! So not all bad news. Also, decided on a new blog format which you can find at This Sedentary Life. Not a terribly optimistic title, but we’ll see what happens on the exercise front over the coming months. 😉