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Middle-aged, married father of three (the wag in me wants to say at least three!), who loves user friendly technology like Apple stuff and fancies himself as a thinker. I’m interested in “meeting” people across the world from a safe distance and I like to experience something new every so often, e.g. I have parachuted for charity from 3500 ft, been in a helicopter over Niagara Falls, abseiled down the side of the Belfast Hilton. Favourite things to do are wasting hours on the internet, reading, watching films, spending time with our seven-year-old surprise, Sophie, and playing chess, either face to face or on Yahoo.


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I’m ex BRA and you?

Comment by teachthemasses

St Mary’s CBS Grammar, Glen Road. But I remember visiting BRA around 1976 or 1977 to play them chess (can’t remember who won…). A former colleague’s wife teaches or taught in BRA. She would be Mrs Sweeney – can’t remember her first name. Lovely girl, had a baby, Jack, about 18 months ago.

Comment by Bog Raver

I lived in Gransha Parade until 1973 but can’t place your face. Where did you live? I was in no. 2. Joe Ward. I left for Australia in 1974

Comment by joe

LOL- I wasn’t allowed up the Glen Road….ahhahhahahhah 🙂

Comment by teachthemasses

ah so i was right. it is you Colin. I was the one who got expelled after 4th year, remember? i was on that chess trip as well. we beat them and I remember all those other girls schools as well lol princess gardens, ashfield , need I go on

hope you’re keeping well


Comment by Patrick Davidson

I keeping great, thanks. Nice to hear from you. I started a student job in Crazy Prices, Dunmurry in Oct 79 and stayed as it was taken over, first by Stewarts in ’82 and then by Tesco in ’97. Thirty years this year. I should have worked harder at schoo!!! Married for 22 with three kids, 21, 17 and 7.
Can’t remember you being expelled, but that must have been 31 years ago and my brain cells are dying at an alarming rate!

Comment by Bog Raver

Yeah I left after 4th year and became a joiner but I knew it wasn’t for me so I re-trained as a Trainer and worked for many years in an outfit called enterprise ulster and also decided to do a degree a few years ago in business. i reckon i owed it to myself. Anyway i am married to a lady from Croatia and i have a 22 year old and a 20 month year old so no pipe and slippers for me yet.

Well im off to bed mate. take good care of yourself and thanks for the friendship in those formative years. I’ll drop you a line another time.

all the best


Comment by Patrick Davidson

Nice blog. I paint large paintings of belfast. You can see some of my work at my website. Do you have any cityscapes of Belfast? david

Comment by david nolan

No large landscape pictures as such but I plan to be taking a few shortly encompassing the whole city from the roof of my workplace.

Comment by Colin

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