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Failed, sort of!
October 1, 2009, 12:23 am
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Mr Blobby

Yeah, it didn’t work! Still 276lbs… At one point during September was 272, but also at one point was 280!

On a positive note though, found more time to read, definitely felt a lot less frazzled and more relaxed and had more time to spend with Sophie (8), who is my personal de-stresser. (previous post)

What else happened in September?

Got an exercise bike, a rowing machine and dusted off my mountain bike. I was off for a week and had a great time traveling down to Mayo and Galway, took oodles of photographs and had my quarterly review which went very well, thank you! So not all bad news. Also, decided on a new blog format which you can find at This Sedentary Life. Not a terribly optimistic title, but we’ll see what happens on the exercise front over the coming months. 😉



749px-I-276.svgI’m taking the month of September off. Not off work, but off Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Flickr and the many other distractions that have kept me from proper family/personal time over the last few months. I’ll still be checking my email and perhaps be online for five minutes at a time checking bank balances and cinema times, etc, but that’s it.

It’s an experiment of sorts. I tend to be easily distracted and lose myself for hours on teh internets which has created not a little tension at home, but I also feel that my thought processes are actually being affected by the flittering about that this fine Apple iMac allows me by having so many programs running at once!

So, from tonight at midnight, I intend to use the time saved to do the jobs that have been left undone, to spend more time with my wife and kids (!) and to fix various broken things, and cut the grass rather than pay somebody to do it twice a month, and get moving on a number of things that the “internet inertia” has stopped me from doing.

Now, I could be smart and say that the graphic above represents me “hitting the road” from the internet, but I’ll be honest instead and admit that I weigh 276lbs. My intention in being that honest is to force myself to be looking for a sign for Interstate 256 to post on 1 October – in other words, get off my arse and get some exercise. I intend to take seriously the idea of eating properly (not just my Branflakes) and losing some weight and keeping it off.

I have various other similar intentions for the month of September, regarding work, finance, leisure time, etc.

Wish me luck!

20,000 Hits – WooHoo!
February 1, 2009, 10:15 pm
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Thumbs Up!

Today, I’ve passed the 20,000 hits mark on my blog since I started on July 31 last year. I’m amazed, to say the least!

I started it to help clear my head and de-stress and I have found it very enjoyable and a great way to “meet” people across the world. I can recommend it to anyone!

Relaxing With Good Coffee And The Crossword…
November 13, 2008, 4:20 pm
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Cafe Brasilia BangorJust back from our habitual visit to our “home from home”, Cafe Brasilia in Bangor. It has featured before in my blog. We’re there every day I’m off work for either brunch or lunch and on a holiday week, it’s every day! Unfortunately, they’re not open on Sunday as the landlord is “religious” and won’t allow it. Today, I had curried parsnip soup followed by more Costa Rican coffee and a German biscuit. The soup was much nicer than it sounds!

I take any visitors to Bangor here if I get the chance as the owners and staff are very friendly and there’s a great atmosphere – highly recommended! Starbucks are opening shortly at Springhill, but it won’t affect Cafe Brasilia at all, in my view.

Healthy Living Here I Come! I’ve Started…
October 22, 2008, 9:44 am
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Just a week ago, I took a decision which I have wanted to take for some time. I started to live a healthier life. How I started was to commit to taking a breakfast every day – my weapon of choice is Kellogg’s Sultana Bran. I know all of the information I need to know around living a healthier life and have had this info for years but for one reason or another, I haven’t bothered my arse making the effort despite having lots of reasons to do so.

The time now seems right – I’ve settled well into a new role at work and things are going well. I drive only 30 minutes to work and there are no current crises at home.

First breakfast, and now today, I have decided to get more sleep. I’m buying a new heavier winter duvet today and I am determined to get AT LEAST seven hours sleep every night. Natalie, (17 going on 72), has been informed that my taxi service closes at 2100 from now on, and if I could, I would set a timer on my Mac to switch off around that time too because I waste far too many hours needlessly gazing at the computer.

My whole diet (not just breakfast) needs a change. Probably the first items to go will be the bag of Walkers Thai Chilli Sensations and the packet of Minstrels on the way home in the car every day…

Next: Start walking when I get the chance (great opportunity to listen to Podcasts), and drink less coffee, and, well, you know the drill…but tonight, I’ll be in bed by 2100 and sleeping like a warm baby!

California Here I Come!

I absolutely love these trees and if my plan to drive across America ever comes to fruition, this is where I’m aiming for on the West Coast! Great photo too..

Mental Sunday With Space Chimps Of More Than One Type

Normally, I take Sophie to the cinema on Sunday mornings, then to McDonalds for lunch. It’s a fairly sedate time, and if I plan things right, I can get to the beach to read the Sunday paper on my own for an hour beforehand. Not today!

We had the Jacksons, Evie (4) and Louis (7), staying overnight. They’re my sister Claire’s kids and Sophie loves to spend time with them any chance she gets, as her own siblings at 16 and 20 are too old for that sort of “fun”. The downside is that the decibel level increases disproportionately with the number of children in any group. My head is pickled! 

We’re just back from watching Space Chimps at Bangor Cineplex. It was much better than I expected it would be and they all enjoyed it. Recommendations from four and seven year olds are worth their weight in gold – someone should act on that business idea! Last week, Sophie and I went to see Meet Dave with Eddie Murphy playing himself as an alien space-ship as well as playing himself as a miniature alien inside his own head – if you can figure that out… Anyhoo, my point is that the Eddie Murphy movie took a real kicking from the critics. Yet all of the kids in the cinema, including Sophie, appeared to love the concept and the execution. A really good children’s movie! I think the critics believe it was aimed at an older audience and perhaps it was, but Murphy et al, could avoid the scorn they receive if they openly targeted the children’s market.

Meet Dave as an idea, was very close to the Beano comic story, The Numskulls, in the 1970s. I read it myself at the time and loved it. There may be a few other great movie ideas in those comics that we all devoured back then – Billy Whizz, Pete’s Pockets, etc. I must check my attic!