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Scoop of Obama?
January 11, 2009, 6:16 pm
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Yes Pecan!

Special edition ice cream will hitting the shelves very shortly across the US in celebration of the inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama. Sold as Yes, Pecan!, it related to the campaign slogan Yes We Can! used by Obama’s team prior to the November election.


Carver, Faber, Yates, Mad Men…Guilty Pleasures!
August 11, 2008, 3:40 pm
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I’ll try to stick to only ten!  I feel guilty most of the time…neglecting the kids, my wife, my reading, my work, my garden, my car, etc, etc.

1.     Getting lost on the Internet. I can fritter away hours randomly, on Twitter, for example, on the Everyone tab. Or from Blogroll to blogroll. Or on IMDB.com. Or on Youtube. Or on…you get the idea.

2.     Walker’s Thai Chilli Sensations – I’d swear they lace these damned things with cocaine or something similarly addictive. I’m always ready for a packet.

3.     Spending money on quality TV DVD box-sets like The Sopranos, The Wire or Mad Men, and then watching maybe five episodes in a row.

4.     I love watching Friends, sssshhhh! Especially the episode where Ross doesn’t get to take Rachel to the prom.

5.     I’ll disappear for an hour on a Sunday morning and park down near the beach in Morningside to browse the Sunday paper.

6.     You can’t get me out of a good bookshop. My minimum purchase is usually five or six books – I do judge a book by it’s cover sometimes!

7.     Having spent four months with nine points on my driver’s license, I know the speed limit on every stretch of road between here and Belfast. And I know where PC Plod hides with his radar, so I enjoy putting the foot down from time to time – highest speed so far, 126mph, on the M5 at 0555!

8.     Taking another fifteen minutes in bed and arriving late into work. Last week’s excuse was that I put brown shoes on in the dark.

9.     I savour short stories, especially by Raymond Carver, Tim Gautreaux, Michael Faber, Richard Yates and many others. Another escape route.

10. My twice a week daydream about what I would do with the £4.75M lottery win, when it comes.

I’ll do numbers 11 to 101 some other time.