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BBC Finally Loses Plot – Zionist Lobby Strikes Again

Saddest Picture EverHas the BBC finally lost the plot? It would appear so. They’ve even adopted the Israeli governments tactic of lying straight to our faces, about an agreement with other major media groups not to hold a donation campaign. Sky BSB vehemently denied ever making any such arrangement. We’ve come to expect this pro-Israeli bias from their coverage of the slaughter of innocents in Gaza over recent weeks. They should be demanding that the Israeli government face war crimes tribunals (but then they did nothing about the Sabra and Shatila massacres back in 1982 either), or at least be asking the obvious questions, like why aren’t the Israelis being made to finance the rebuilding of Gaza as they obliterated it in the first place. Too many Zionists in high places, methinks!


Guantanamo Bay Closing Down Sale!

This is hilarious! Hopefully something similar will happen soon…

Starbucks Denies Supporting Israeli Zionism


Starbucks Denial

Starbucks released a statement on it’s website denying its rumoured support for Israel and the savage brutality of it’s invasion of Gaza. Coincidentally, the window of the Starbucks directly outside the Israeli was one of the first to be broken in yesterday’s protest riot in London.

January 5, 2009
Rumor Response: Starbucks Statement re: Support of Israel   

Rumors that Starbucks Coffee Company and its management support Israel are unequivocally false.  
Starbucks is a publicly traded company with stores in 49 countries. Though our thousands of partners (employees) and business associates around the globe have diverse views and share many beliefs about a wide range of topics, our primary focus remains to deliver the best customer experience possible. Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support political causes. Further, the political preferences of a Starbucks partner at any level have absolutely no bearing on Starbucks company policies. 

Contact Information:
Starbucks Customer Relations
(800) 235-2883

Bush Saved Lives? Not On This Planet!

bush-flightsuitThere was an interesting article in yesterday’s New York Daily News by Richard Clarke, saying that it is Karl Rove’s spin machine that is behind the claims that Bushs’ actions over his eight year term of office “saved lives” rather than any substantial facts.

President Bush saved U.S. lives? That’s only more Karl Rove-style spin

George Bush, still President, is engaging in a legacy tour of media outlets. This comes despite his earlier having said he did not know how history would judge the Iraq war “because we’ll all be dead.”

Actually, many people are already dead because of Bush, and that is the point to keep in mind when he talks about his legacy.

Among the themes Bush is striking is that through action at home and fighting “them” over there, not over here, his administration stopped terrorist attacks and prevented another 9/11. There is a surface plausibility to those claims, as there has often been with the messaging served up by the Karl Rove spin machine. But let’s look beneath the surface of the assertions.

Bush stopped terrorist attacks? Yes, some of the many alleged plots cited by the White House probably would have matured into attacks had not the U.S. intelligence community acted. Many were more aspirational than operational, and others were the pure inventions of FBI informants. (In the Miami Liberty City case, an FBI informant apparently bribed people who previously had no interest in Al Qaeda. When they swore the oath to Osama Bin Laden, they were then arrested for doing so.)

But even if taken on its face as true, should having stopped terrorist attacks earn this President a Harry Truman-like reassessment down the road? I can attest from firsthand knowledge that the Clinton administration stopped numerous terrorist operations that would have resulted in American deaths. Yet I don’t hear Bill Clinton running around boasting about that. Clinton has other things to lay claim to – a balanced budget, huge job growth and eight years without a major war. If you don’t think the Clinton administration stopped a major terrorist attack in New York City, you might want to talk with the blind sheik, who was involved in a plot to blow up the United Nations, the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the George Washington Bridge and a federal building housing the FBI. But that would be tough to do because Omar Abdel-Rahman is in solitary in a federal prison in Colorado.

There wasn’t a second 9/11? That’s obviously true, but it misses the point. First, we must remember that Al Qaeda terrorists are patient, deliberate planners who often wait years between strikes. Second, there was the first 9/11 – and it happened on Bush’s watch. Without rehashing the entire 9/11 Commission Report, the historical record is pretty clear by now that Bush did virtually nothing about the repeated warnings to him that those cataclysmic attacks were coming. Unfortunately, I can personally attest to that as well.

Bush saved American lives? Tell that to the families of the 4,200 U.S. military personnel who have perished in the needless war in Iraq. While they served heroically and deserve the great thanks of the American people, the tragic truth is that they were engaged in a war we should not have been fighting and which was sold to the Congress, the media and American people with exaggerated and even false claims.

Beyond the needless American deaths that are Bush’s legacy, there are the Iraqis we almost never think about. Iraq Body Count is an ongoing human security project that claims to maintain “the world’s largest public database of violent civilian deaths during and since the 2003 invasion.” They say their data “encompasses noncombatants killed by military or paramilitary action and the breakdown in civil security following the invasion.” Currently, their estimate – conservative when put alongside other totals – is that between 90,253 and 98,521 Iraqis were killed because George Bush invaded that country. That’s thirty 9/11s.

Let George Bush keep pushing the buttons on the spin machine. That cannot change the facts. His administration’s actions on terrorism, including Iraq, killed many more Americans than U.S. intelligence agencies saved in the past eight years.

Clarke was a counterterrorism adviser to former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He is the author of “Against All Enemies” and “Your Government Failed You.”

SOURCE – Daily News

More US Cannon Fodder Needed!

life-as-a-game1Found this interesting article today – I’d love a go on this but I’d probably break it!

The New York Times has an excellent piece on the Army’s new urban recruiting tool: a $13 million video arcade in suburban Philly.

According to the Times, the Army is having a hard time recruiting in urban areas. So the service set up the 14,500 square foot “Army Experience Center” in the Franklin Mills Mall. The place is packed with first-person shooters, full-scale simulators (and 22 recruiters).

In many ways, this makes sense. The Army is in the midst of a multimillion-dollar push to create more videogames to prep troops for combat. The service’s PEO-STRI (Program Executive Office – Simulation and Training) is also planning to install 70 gaming systems at Army installations around the globe by September.

The Army is also relaxing recruitment standards to allow more couch potatoes to sign up for service. The Christian Science Monitor has a piece today about how the Army has enacted a new waiver program that allows overweight enlistees a chance to get in shape after joining. Around 1,500 individuals (out of a pool about 80,000 recruits) have enlisted through the program.

The Monitor piece also notes another great new recruiting tool: the recession. “If the economic recession worsens, it could help the military’s recruiting efforts as people seek stable employment,” the story notes.

SOURCE – http://blog.wired.com/defense/2009/01/armys-wicked-ne.html

In The Name Of God Or Evil?

in-the-name-of-god-or-evilMen never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction. Blaise Pascal

Future Suicide Bombers?

injured-palestinian-childgazan-child-in-tearswound-gazan-girlWho could blame them? When your father, brothers, uncles have been emasculated by being unable to provide food, shelter, education and safety for you, and you have known nothing but fear in your short life, what options are left to you? Hopefully, the children of Gaza who are not slaughtered by the Israelis will be mentally strong enough not to be scarred for life by the hell they are living through and eventually are given some opportunity to live an normal life.