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National Geographic Art Deco Sales Pitch Works!
August 11, 2008, 11:07 pm
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What is it with these old adverts from National Geographic magazines from the 1930s, 40s and 50s? They’re in lots of other magazines from those periods too. The sleek lines of the cars, trains and even the buildings can transport you back to what seemed like a much more sedate and sensible age. I have a bit of a fetish almost for Art Deco design. I’m not alone. Many of these advertisements are removed from old magazines and sold on Ebay and other auction websites. I sell old post cards and sheet music in my Ebay shop (check my Blogroll for the┬álink). Obviously there are many reasons why my customers buy my items other than the colourful covers with the evocative clothing, etc. They may have a family connection with the composer or lyricist of the music. More than one customer has made multiple purchases of music from a particular year to decorate a room for a parent’s 70th or 80th birthday or some other event, but in the main, I think many people feel or want to feel a connection with simpler, more romantic times.

I like to imagine that my nostalgic inclinations are subliminal connections with previous incarnations. How else can I explain such an avid interest or affinity for periods of time before my own birth. I’m not a spiritual person really, but I cannot think of a better and more promising reason. The downside may be that at some stage I may be reincarnated with an interest in the world as we see it now. What a thought!