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USAir Near-Disaster – Amazing Pilot!
January 19, 2009, 1:19 am
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Incredible      1 1526 local time (2026 GMT): Flight 1549 takes off from LaGuardia airport
      2 1527 (2027 GMT): Pilot Chesley Sullenberger reports birds hitting engines
      3 1528 (2028 GMT): Pilot told to land at Teterboro airfield
      4 1531 (2031 GMT): Pilot ditches plane in Hudson River

The above graphic illustrates the quick thinking and fast reaction times that saved the 155 people on board Flight 1549 in New York last week. From taking off to hitting the water took just five minutes. Just incredible! 

I know this happened a few days ago, but I wanted to record my admiration for this pilot and crew and I also hope that I would be just as decisive and reactive in a crisis. Not much chance of that…

It’s nice to report some good news for a change too.


God’s Busy. Can I Help You?

I love this t-shirt. Bought in a souvenir shop on 5th Avenue in New York on our recent trip, I wore it for the flight home. Another passenger queuing for the security gates in Newark burst out laughing and said he loved it. One of the flight attendants, on entering the aircraft said “I don’t like your shirt”, but

 with a devilish smirk.

I don’t believe it is an offensive shirt and I would never deliberately offend anyone, but there is a definite reaction which can range from smiles and smirks to frowns and tuts. I’m looking forward to my “good-living” sister-in-law seeing it – should be good for a laugh!

Definitely worth the $10!

Tattoo or not tattoo, that is the question…
August 10, 2008, 11:17 pm
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Recently I’ve become a little absorbed in the Miami Ink tattoo show on DMX. It’s not the characters involved in the programme, I think. Not the tattooists anyway.

I have a tattoo. It’s a very small four-leaf clover on my right ankle. I’ve had it since 1998 when I visited New York for the first time.  My brother-in-law and I had harboured a desire for getting one from before we arrived in the US. It was a very hot July day and we had just come back from Atlantic City where we made a surprise visit to my brother. We had about eight hours to see and do everything in NYC before heading to JFK for the flight home. It was so hot that we just had to step into Arturo’s restaurant on West Houston and Thompson St for one of their pizzas (recommended in a guide book). While waiting for the pizza, to cool down we had a couple of Rolling Rock beers and then a few more, and then a few more. Common sense had no chance. We had an idea that there was a tattoo parlour close by, and once we wolfed down the pizza, we headed to Avenue A between 12th and 13th Street. I was pretty sozzled by this stage and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to get. My decision process was as follows: We’re just back from AC, burp, gambling, burp, what’s lucky? Ehhh…a four-leaf clover?!?!

That was it, and even with the beer, it was bloody sore!

Anyhoo, it may be a sign of a mid-life crisis, but I’m watching this show, I think, because I want to see a really awesome tattoo that I might like to get, and while my mid-life crisis friends are buying motorbikes, they frighten the life out of me. I’m in no way religious or particularly nationalistic, but I think I might like one of those colourful dragons wrapped around a skull or something like that. It might take me months or even years to decide what I’d go for and then I would need to look for an excellent tattooist. Might happen, who knows? I’ll stay sober for that one though!