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How To Encourage Electors To Vote…

rachida-datiWhy can’t our politicians look like this? I know I’d certainly vote. Rachida Dati, the French minister of justice, wouldn’t have any problem getting elected over here when compared to some of our “beauties”! Am I being shallow and sexist? You bet your ass! (NB: one beauty from each local tribe for equality :))



I’m a Hit Tart – Shame on me!

I started blogging as a release for the many thousands of thoughts in my head on a day to day basis. It is definitely therapeutic as my mind’s wanderlust now has a focus. I NEED to post about three times a day – why?

Because I have fallen for the allure of the stats graph. 

I’ve thought for some time that my memories of living through the conflict in West Belfast in the 1970s and 1980s might be of interest to some people. I believe that I wanted to capture a little of the positive history and architecture of Belfast (or what’s left of it!) and share it with you. I also believe that my take on some current affairs issues can be a bit smart-arse-ish but entertaining, but I’ve realised that by finding funny pictures and giving the posts snappy titles, I can double my hit rate in just two or three days (see graphic).

If my intention was to make money from advertising on my blog, that might be the correct strategy to follow. Actually, I just need to rant a little now and then, as a catharsis for the stress level I endure while at work (or reading the news, or dealing with the kids, or paying the bills, or…).

What to do? I can compromise my principles (?) and believe that by using the attractive and punchy post titles, I can live in hope that some of the readers will stay and read some of my archive. There…that’s my conscience salved for the moment. That was too easy – we’ll see how it goes.

Belfast’s Broadway Lido (or Cooler as we all used to call it!)
August 24, 2008, 3:37 pm
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For those of you not resident in Northern Ireland, over the last few years we’ve seen some major investment in infrastructure since the reduction in violence here (note: reduction).

The main road through Belfast joining the M1 and the M2 together, known as the “Westlink” has been the subject of much frustration for motorists while some remodelling has been carried out. In the last few months, the finishing touches have been applied and the last few construction vehicles and oils drums are being removed. 

On 16 August, following some very heavy rain, the new underpass flooded completely, and five vehicles were trapped, their drivers narrowly escaping death.

Excuses from those responsible for the design of the underpass ranged from “two rivers run nearby the underpass” (d’oh!) to “unseasonally heavy downpour”. Now, it may have escaped some of the folk living in the Amazon rainforest, the jungles of Sarawak or a few non-cable subscribers in Nome, Alaska, but for the rest of us, the climate has radically changed over the last ten years or so. You’d think that the brainiacs in the planning department in our fine city would have allowed for some wiggle-room in their calculations and the possibility that NI might be included in the GLOBAL warming effects that the rest of the GLOBE are experiencing. Note to all cinema-goers – hopefully the message about saving the planet contained within WALL*E landed with you; make sure you tell your friends.

As can be seen from the tastefully Photo-shopped photograph above, it was quite a sight. 20 million gallons of water! It was reported that there were floods at this exact spot in December 2007, yes 2007, not 1807, just less than a year ago!!!

Time for some retraining I think…