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Jesus Hangs On By Fingertips!
August 29, 2008, 11:08 pm
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Another in my series of clever marketing adverts. This one is just outrageous enough to court some controversy while making most of us smile at the cleverness of the concept. Not quite as good as the VW ads, but not a bad attempt from Peugeot’s advertising company.

It would definitely be a hit with the target market of boy-racers!


My Life In Travel

I’m off work next week and really eager to get away somewhere at least for a few days. It got me thinking about a holiday questionnaire, so here are my responses:

First Holiday Memory? – I vaguely remember visiting Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, in 1968. I remember the caravan we rented and I have a few mental pictures of fantastic beaches and standing outside the pub while the parental units enjoyed a pint of Guinness.

Best Holiday? – My second trip into the US was a surprise visit to see my brother. He was working in a bar and didn’t know we were coming. I went in and ordered a pint from him. He was as white as a sheet for about three hours. He thought we had come to give him bad news!

Favourite Place in The British Isles? – I always enjoy Clogherhead, Co. Louth, as we’ve had a house or caravan there continuously since 1970. It’s a fishing village on the east coast. My sister and her four girls live there also.

Ideal Travelling Companion? – Robert Fisk, the journalist, for great conversations or Kristin Scott Thomas, just to gaze at…

Beach Bum, Culture Vulture or Adrenalin Junkie? – Definitely a culture vulture. I generally check out where I’m going and research it. I hate to waste time sitting around.

Greatest Travel Luxury? – That’s easy – my iPod for podcasts.

Where has seduced you? – If I ever won enough money, I would buy an apartment in Paris. The history, the people and the general beauty of the city is just inspirational.

Better To Travel Or Arrive? – That depends on the mode of transport. Long drives cross-country can be fun in good weather, but trans-Atlantic flights are very tedious.

Worst Travel Experience? – Twenty-five of my work colleagues and myself were put off an aircraft for rowdiness a few years ago and just abandoned in Glasgow. It wasn’t true and the airline (Flybe.com) apologised and gave us free tickets to anywhere in Europe. The pilot and his crew didn’t want to do another flight and looked for an excuse. We were in the local newspaper at home!

Best Hotel? – Our stay at the Portland Hotel in Russell Square in London was very enjoyable – highly recommended for location and luxury.

Best Meal Abroad? – This has to be the Angel Hair Pasta at Angel’s Restaurant on 2nd Avenue at 62nd Street, in New York – unbelievable food and  fantastic staff.

First Thing You Do When You Arrive Somewhere New? – Scout the local area for a grocer’s shop and a few eateries.

Dream Trip? – A drive from coast to coast across America before I’m too old to enjoy it.

Favourite City? – Paris, so far. I hope to visit again before Christmas.